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Information for Homeowners

Buying a home is exciting, whether it’s your first house or your fifth. It’s also a big commitment. After you’ve closed on your new home is when the responsibilities of homeownership reality kicks in. You own a home! We want you to succeed in homeownership and we know that can only occur when all your financial obligations are in order. Our goal is ensure that you are in a healthy financial position for the long term.

Congrats on owning your home!  There are several things you should be familiar with as a homeowner, including costs beyond your mortgage, utility and cable bills.  For example do you have a Homeowners’ Association, and is there a monthly fee?  Are your responsible for your water or trash bills?  Check out the links below to help you with a monthly budget as well as understanding what your true monthly costs are.

Often times knowing and understanding what your monthly costs are, balanced against your monthly income gives you a better sense of your financial well-being.   Here are some tools for creating and maintaining a budget.

Creating and Maintaining your Budget

Successful Homeownership

Armed with your monthly budget, these tools can assist you in being a successful homeowner.

Refinancing Options

We frequently hear that interest rates are low, and that it is a good time to buy or re-finance an existing mortgage.  While this may be a good trend nationwide, is it a good option for me personally?  These tools can assist you in determining whether you are a good candidate for a refi or refinancing.

Reverse Mortgages

How We Can Help

We want you to confidently apply for a mortgage and become a successful homeowner. Whether you are looking for a first home or getting into the market, today’s homebuyer has to be prepared and armed with information.

Call 844-995-4663 to Meet Your My Own Home Coach

A My Own Home financial coach, who meets HUD guidelines for pre-purchase counsel, is ready to talk with you.  You’ll review your ability to afford a mortgage now or plan for one later, then, how to sustain it through the day you’ll pay off your mortgage. You’ll also get help to navigate the homebuying process.


Not Yet Ready to Talk with a Coach? Take a Homebuying Course.

Framework, an online homebuyer education program, is a high-quality, interactive experience to ensure that you are a smart, confident and successful homeowner. Framework provides the facts you need to become well-informed about every step in the process. It also meets National Industry Standards and all HUD Housing Counseling Program requirements.

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